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The Parent Forum is an opportunity for parents and guardians to meet and discuss key elements of the schools agenda, what is currently going on in their child’s education and to support the senior leadership team shape a school that we are all proud to be a part of.

Within the meetings, parents are asked for their point of view on current issues concerning the school and for their input on developing the school to achieve its aim to become outstanding in all aspects of the Ofsted criteria.

We welcome all parents and careers to be part of the Forum that runs from 6-7pm in the 6th form centre.

For any enquiries, please contact Mr Prebble via email Prebble.G@north.kent.sch.uk.

Key Themes of Discussion

The key themes of discussion for the parents forum are shown below.

The importance of communication from school to home.

In response to this, we have raised the importance of returning any communications from parents within a 24 hour time frame. Staff have been advised through briefings and staff meetings. In addition, this will also be included in the new staff handbook with additional support and guidance regarding good communications with parents.

The awareness of mental health issues in young people and what support may be given.

In response to this we have had several wide ranging discussions as to how we can best support our students. Further work in liaison with outside agencies is required but a major development is that we have been included in the Headstart phase 3 pilot project. This project aims to improve the mental well-being of at-risk 10-16 year olds. This will be carried out in collaboration with the school by the implementation of a locally developed, cross-disciplinary, multi-layered and integrated prevention strategy. The year 7 and 9 students have already been surveyed and the first elements of support will be taking place in the coming months.

The importance of parents in the whole education of the child.

The importance of attending parents evenings and the general support that a parent can give the school by listening and working with staff as opposed to against them. The year 7 parents evening was well attended and the feedback form parents was both positive and extremely helpful. We will continue to encourage parents to take a close interest in education by more school comms messages and positive phone calls from teachers (as opposed to negative calls as so frequently happens).

The schools unique selling points.

These were extremely helpful in sharing with potential year 6 parents and existing parents. In addition, a group of students from across all year groups will be taking part in a Trust wide student conference on Friday 23rd June and will be presenting on the schools unique selling points in the introduction.

Thank you to all parents who attended and supported at the recent parent’s forum.

Our final meeting of the year will take place on Monday 10th July at 6pm.

At this meeting, you will be introduced to our new 6th Form Head Boy and Head Girl and the student Principals and their Vice Principals from the community. The meeting will also focus on the successes of the school over the course of the academic year.

I encourage all those who are intending to come to bring an example of one specific thing that has taken place this year at the school that you have been impressed with and would like to see again.