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The North School

Staff List

Mrs A. Lawrence Headteacher lawrence.a@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs P Allon Deputy Headteacher allon.p@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C Ellerby Deputy Headteacher ellerby.c@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs D. Moore Head of English moore.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr S. Bukin English Teacher bukin.s@north.kent.sch.uk  

Mrs B. Charlton

English Teacher charlton.b@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs M. Gill English Teacher gill.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss A. Jupp English Teacher jupp.a@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr I. Kelly English Teacher kelly.i@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Koselj English Teacher koselj.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Martin English Teacher martin.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Mayes English Teacher mayes.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Silvester English Teacher silvester.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Silvester English Teacher silvester.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Single English Teacher single.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Yarrow English Teacher yarrow.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Yeandle English Teacher yeandle.m@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr M. Ledner English Teaching Assistant
Mr D. Munday Head of Mathematics munday.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr S. Almasi Mathematics Teacher almasi.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss S. Astbury Mathematics Teacher astbury.s@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs C. Bailey Mathematics Teacher
Mr W. Castle Mathematics Teacher castle.w@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Dantes Mathematics Teacher dantes.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss T. Franklin-Clifford Mathematics Teacher franklin-clifford.t@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr T. Harrison Mathematics Teacher harrison.t@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss L. Laws Mathematics Teacher laws.l@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr T. McMahon Mathematics Teacher mcmahon.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr J. Ransley Mathematics / PE Teacher ransley.j@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr M. Spreadborough Mathematics Teacher spreadborough.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Thomson Mathematics Teacher thomson.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs A. Brejza Mathematics Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. Spreadborough Head of Science spreadborough.ce@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs I. Ardoy Science Teacher ardoy.i@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs S. Baker Science Teacher baker.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Bennett Science Teacher bennett.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Connell Science Teacher connell.charlotte@north.kent.sch.uk 
Dr M. Dos Santos Science Teacher dossantos.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr K. Grant Science Teacher grant.k@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs H. Jordan Science Teacher jordan.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs E. Leonte Science Teacher leonte.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss T. Lynch Science Teacher lynch.t@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr R. McNicoll Science Teacher mcnicoll.r@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr J. Mills Science Teacher mills.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs D. Marden Science Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss S. Short Science Technician
Mrs J. Wilford Snr Science Technician
Mr A. Besanko Business/Finance Subject Leader besanko.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Knight Business & Commerce Teacher knight.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs D. Hainsworth Business Studies Teacher / Assistant SENCo hainsworth.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs V. Lamberton Business Studies/ Administration/Careers Teacher lamberton.v@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs H. Beames Creative Arts Subject Leader beames.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs N. Auty Art Teacher auty.n@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr C. Callan Art Teacher callan.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Cumber Art Teacher cumber.k@north.kent.sch.uk
Miss C. Peacock Art / Photography Teacher peacock.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr D. Jinks Geography Subject Leader jinks.d@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr S. Stevens Geography Teacher stevens.simon@north.kent.sch.uk 
Ms A. Wood Geography Teacher wood.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Waghorn History Subject Leader waghorn.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr A. Goonery History Teacher goonery.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss N. Holness History Teacher holness.n@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr J. Slade History Teacher slade.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Willerton ICT/Computing Subject Leader willerton.m@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Cutts ICT/Computing Teacher cutts.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs R. Moorat Modern Foreigh Languages Teacher moorat.r@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs V. Tardieux Modern Foreigh Languages Teacher tardieux.v@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss K. Yarrow Performing Arts Subject Leader yarrow.k@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr L. Jones Performing Arts Teacher (Music) jones.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Morgan Performing Arts Teacher (Dance) morgan.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Kray PE Subject Leader kray.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr I. Coombes PE Teacher coombes.i@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr L. Dehara PE / Values Teacher dehara.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss H. Diamond PE Teacher diamond.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr K. Galea PE Teacher galea.k@north.kent.sch.uk
Miss A. Jupp PE Teacher jupp.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr H. Welsby PE / Health & Social Care Teacher welsby.h@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs N. Marples Social Sciences Subject Leader marples.n@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr L. Dehara Social Sciences Teacher (Values) dehara.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss C. Lenihan Social Sciences Teacher (Psychology) lenihan.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs K. Morelli Social Sciences Teacher (Sociology) morelli.k@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs L. Robbins Social Sciences Teacher (Psychology) robbins.b@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Wallis Social Sciences Teacher (Health & Social Care) wallis.C@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr A. Besanko Subject Leader Technology besanko.a@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs H. Clifford Food Technology Teacher clifford.h@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Dixon Food Technology Technician
Ms C. Eeles Design Technology Teacher eeles.c@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs R. Sarjeant Design Technology Teacher sarjeant.r@north.kent.sch.uk
Mr J. Ward Technology Technician
Mrs S. Matthews Head of Sixth Form matthews.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr B. Robbins Sixth Form Learning Leader robbins.b@north.kent.sch.uk 
Ms C. Hamilton-Holman Sixth Form Pastoral Manager hamilton-holman.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Ledner Sixth Form Course Manager ledner.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Clipstone Inclusion and Safeguarding Leader clipstone.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Twyman Assistant SENCO twyman.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs E. Chalkley Lead Practitioner - The Laurel Centre chalkley.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss E. Scopes Pastoral Support Manager - Laurel Centre scopes.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr M. Bloodworth Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Christian Teaching Assistant
Miss S. Cox Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Dowsey Teaching Assistant
Mrs A. Fagg Teaching Assistant
Mrs R. Hardy Teaching Assistant
Miss E. Hemmett-Ward Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Hughes Teaching Assistant
Miss D. Neaves Teaching Assistant
Mrs G. Russell Teaching Assistant
Mr A. Sunderland Teaching Assistant
Mrs D. Sunil Teaching Assistant
Mr J. Tong Teaching Assistant
Mrs R. Tucker Teaching Assistant
Miss K. West Teaching Assistant
Miss A. Woodford Teaching Assistant
Mr J. Wray Teaching Assistant


Mrs M. Dyga Lead Teacher Alternative Provision dyga.m@north.kent.sch.uk
Ms L. Clarke Pastoral Support
Mrs B. Lee Pastoral Support


Mrs V. Ferszt Cover Supervisor ferszt.v@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr S. Harris Cover Supervisor harris.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr S. Eede Principal of Communities eede.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Cutts Assistant Principal of Communities cutts.j@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs E. Baksh Pastoral Support Manager - Mabledon baksh.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss R. Marshall Pastoral Support Assistant - Mabledon marshall.r@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss D. Turner Pastoral Support Assistant - Mabledon turner.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs N. Williams Pastoral Support Manager - Essella williams.n@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs N. Pithers Pastoral Support Assistant - Essella pithers.n@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss J. Wightman Pastoral Support Assistant - Essella wightman.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs L. Cowie Progress Centre and Inclusion Tutor cowie.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs H. Thayer Attendance and Welfare Officer attendance@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss D. Michael Attendance Administrative Assistant attendance@north.kent.sch.uk  
Mr R. Adams Data Manager adams.r@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs E. Blunt Student Admissions Officer / Secretary to the Headteacher blunt.e@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr P. Bowen Landbased Centre Site Manager
Mrs L. Button SEN Administrative Co-ordinator button.l@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr D. Coker Network Manager coker.d@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss M Curle Health Care Manager curle.m@north.kent.sch.uk  
Mrs M. Dearden Snr Receptionist reception@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss C. Donovan-Bayley Inclusion/Exclusion Administrative Co-ordinator donovan-bayley.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Finn Farm Assistant finn.c@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Ford Examinations Officer ford.j@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs D. Fuller Receptionist reception@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr L. Gurung Landbased Centre Site Assistant
Mr R. Hayes Reprographics Officer repro@north.kent.sch.uk
Mrs J. Kelliher Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mr S. Knott Senior Finance Officer knott.s@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs J. Manning Personnel / Recruitment Manager manning.jo@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs C. Matthews Farm Manager / Lead farm-manager@north.kent.sch.uk 
Miss C. Maybourne Receptionist reception@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mrs S. Sandy Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr B. Sharp IT Technician
Mrs J. Steadman Systems Manager steadman.j@north.kent.sch.uk
Miss V. Stevens Farm Assistant stevens.v@north.kent.sch.uk 
Mr G. Ward School Business Manager ward.g@north.kent.sch.uk